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Original post by: Zjef van Driel ,



I have a Macbook Pro that experiences exactly the same issue.

- MagSafe working (green light)

- Fans bumping with stable frecuency

- Power button does nothing except make the funs bumping a little bit faster.

- MBP Doesn't do anything, no startup, no sound, no hdd start, no Superdrive start, nothing

What i did:

1- Before opening the topcase, the MBP was starting up and booting OS correctly (but with a display failure)

2- Removed the Battery and Memory cards

3- removed all the screws to open the Topcase

4- Removed the topcase without issues

5- Try to turn on to see how the Fans run and internal parts run -> NO Startup anymore!!!!

What I have tried:

- Reset the PRAM

- Reset the SMC

- Review all the cables on MB

Nothing helps.

Note: My Battery is completely dead. I don't know if this it's needed to make some of the resets.

I can't understand why just with the opening, its not more starting up?

Luci, did you find the solution?