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Original post by: Josh White ,


Iphone lcd/glass separation is really not very difficult. Not when compared to samsungs anyway. I generally start by heating up the plastic frame on the screen a bit, then using a flat pry tool, gently pull it away from the glass. After removing the frame, lay the assembly face down on a hot plate. I set my to 70 degrees celcius. Then I use a 0.10 mm razor wire, grab both ends with a pair of pliers, then slowly run it in between glass and LCD, be wary of the cables. After separated, I use plastic razorblades to remove excess LOCA and then clean the screen with 99% iso. Lay the  LCD down in the mold, apply LOCA and lay your glass down and cure it. After curing, make sure you didn't fill your backlight case with glue, sometimes you may have to replace the backlight box. Re-apply the frame and you're good to go. It just takes a little practice, but it's definitely do-able!

Also, no need to de-solder any cables unless your replacing the backlight panel. What you're desoldering is the cable for the backlight.

Hope this helps!