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Original post by: Socorro Diniz ,


hi guy it is good news for  those who having problem with their iPhone while restore or update and getting constantly errors like on windows (-1 ) and mac  you will get error 3 and while  device is connected to your computer the progressive bar will freeze at 60 to 75 percent and the respective  message will pop up on windows and Mac. I am very much exhausted trying to get rid of this errors but no luck, even I have applied all method of apple  websites as well as try from you tube help but no chance. I am  a engineer myself of different trade but  I very fond of these  latest electronic gadgets.

Now let me tell you how I have over come this errors and got successful with this method I have applied with very much interest .

lets start the work .1 first make sure  your device  is on and apple logo or ITunes player connected appear on the device screen ,   take you device and put in plastic bag and please  make sure no water enter inside the device through bag, it might damaged your hardware. Than  place the device in the freezer for 45 to 60 minutes, Meantime keep your computer ready to connect your device with good USB cable. Removed the iPhone and connect immediately to the computer and massage begin to display extracting software it will progress slowly wait till end .Even you device might get disconnected while in progress don't worry ,let the progressive bar  get end and message comes your device is not found .than you unplug it from computer and plug it again than procedure will continue till your phone is restore and new latest firmware is installed ,during the progress your phone will shows progressive bar on screen wait till further message you get successful  Good luck

note : the real  problem is that the firmware not extracting properly that is why phone can not be restore or update that is why hardware need to be frozen ,it need certain temperature ,because software is not responding to the hardware to get extract and install. It will not install room  temperature or atmospheric ambient temperature.

S Diniz