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Original post by: markus weiher ,


we had this question in the past for a few powershot models

i quote an old answer:


there are many ways to get it work again (at least to try to)

the best way is this:

'''Turn off the camera. Place it on the back with the lens facing up and take a look at the spacing between the lens and the lens housing. If you notice that the gap is not even all the way around the lens, the problem should be easy to fix. This type of a problem usually occurs if the camera was dropped while the lens was extended. Simply - VERY GENTLY - press down the lens on the side where the gap is the biggest. You should hear a “click” as it pops back into place. Try powering the camera back on.'''

i've found it on the net, [|here is the original text] - if that won't help - go to the source page and read about the other options


it's for a different model, but they have normally the same problems

good luck