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Original post by: mattismussault ,



I had the same problem 3 years ago and Apple did replace it for free.

But... the problem appeared again, and now since the mac is "vintage" they won't accept it.

It was fine for me as long I was careful with it, but last week the screen is always black. I need to use an external display to use the computer.

Can someone tell me what they think the problem for the screen to be black is? The webcam works...

Is it the Display Data Cable? If yes then I could repair it myself instead of paying 300GPB or more as it costs, using the tutorial


Is it another problem? Another connection that is lost and that just awaits to be reconnected? It is a shame to replace all the display assembly if it is only a cable...

Please help me in finding the reason, the machine works perfectly otherwise... I need it to be mobile.

Thank you so much.