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Original post by: Chris Rebik ,


Ok brother (sis), first off it sounds to me that the air filter got saturated with oil. That means its starving for air, and then the spark plug is fouling because of over rich oil, fuel mixture. Generally its not a good idea to overfil oil because it saturates the oil pan gaskets and causes them to fail. Plus it produces drag on the crankshaft, and bearings (too much weight). So I suggest to make sure theoil is proper weight, and not overfull, second clean air filter and spark plug for deposits. Next check to make sure carbuerator is getting enough air flow so its notstarving for air. That is 1 of the main reasons for smoke.secondly did you accidentally spill any by the exhaust?  If so it will smoke more than anything, and die. Also after you get it started kill choke right away and if in a semi clean enviroment pull air filter. If stillsmokes bad its the mixture, if not replace itas its not ok to run an engine without an air filter. Hopefully its just a small leak on exhaust or over saturated air filter starving the carb.I hope I didnt come off speaking greek to you. Also I agree with everyones answers all have a possibility for being the culprit. Thank you