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Original post by: Barry Dillard ,


i fix these phones all the time and that is not correct about the screen. The HTC desire 510 has a small amount of adhesive tape not glue on the out er edge of the glass that holds it to the plastic bezel. The "best" way to deal with this is to us a thin pry tool or razor blade(be careful with them) and a heat gun or blow dryer. heat the screen around the edges of the phone and use your tool to get between the glass and the plastic. the heat will cause the adhesive to loosen up and then you can pry it up. I normally pry it up just enough to slide a playing card between the glass and the the plasstic and then slide the playing card down to undo the rest of the screen. Also you need to undo the logic board from the phone and pry the screen up form the top of the phone. the flex ribbon for the glass wraps under the lcd and the lcd has adhesive under it holding the lcd to the phone. so you have to heat the back of the phone with the battery and logic board out to get the lcd out and properly put a new glass in.hmmm... sounds a bit complicated so i might make a guide to show you.