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Original post by: Dee ,


First thank you to those who have tried to help. As I previously stated - GE repair man had installed a water heater in the interior of the freezer door as the problem had occurred while under warranty. I checked everything else and found the water line had been frozen in the door. Just didn't know if I should buy another heater for the freezer. Turned out I just defrosted the refrigerator/freezer. Let it "warm up" then turned it on. Woolah! The water dispenser worked! The settings on the computer panel outside is set for "3" freezer and "8" for the refrigerator. Yes, the numbers are out of the usual setting range but for the time being - it works. Had read the freezer temp. should be between 0-10 degrees yet the purchased "refrigerator" thermometers state minus 10-0 freezer temp and 34-40 refrigerator temp. ***In regard to the filter, (if it is an exterior filter - outside the refrigerator)the instructions state when you change to a new filter - you need to let the water run through the new filter approx. 5 minutes to flush out any tiny metal fragments that are in the filter - before connecting the filter to the upper water connection line. So connect the bottom of the filter to the water line but flush out/let the water flow through the filter before connecting the top of the filter to the water line. Otherwise, tiny fragments could get caught and clog the water line. Yes, the new refrigerators have a filter inside but I would rather keep the filter outside as the outside filter only costs $15 versus the "inside" filter costs $55-65.