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Original post by: opiewho ,


Just had this problem on my GE Side-by-side model # PFSS6PKXCSS and was able to fix it successfully. My symptoms were no water out the dispenser and reduced production of ice from the ice maker. I first removed the filter assuming that water was not getting through and installed the bypass with no improvement. I then checked the water supply line from the house by disconnecting it, I had good pressure and flow. I then accessed the water valve unit on the refrigerator and disconnected the line that feeds water to it from the filter I then reconnected the water line from the house and turned the water back on and got just a small trickle of water out of the feed line to the water valve. The blockage was between the house water line and the refrigerator water valve unit. The part that was faulty is called the water filter head (it is what the water filter attaches to). When I went to get a replacement I found GE had discontinued the original part number and released a new, revised and improved part number. That is GE part number: WR17X12512 and includes the water filter head and the lines in from the house and out to the water valve unit. I purchased and installed this updated part and now the water is again dispensing and ice is being made normally. Hope this helps.