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Original post by: Steve ,


Multicoloured lines and crack in screen


A few weeks ago I noticed a singe vertical white line through my macbook screen (2006, 1.83Ghz).

I called Apple and was referred to make an appointment with a specialist, however I still haven't got round to this. After doing research i figured that this was a problem Apple ''could'' replace for free as it has been a recurring problem with some models.

However a few days ago what appears to be a black patchy crack has spread diagonally in the right third of my screen, with multicoloured lines reaching horizontally and vertically away from the 'crack'.

The rest of the screen has become very blurred and patchy with feint lines and marks, if I touch the screen various flashes and marks appear.

I would like to know whether it's worth me going to Apple and seeing if they will fix this (I'm out of warranty and after research it looks like £350+ for a screen replacement), and whether this has stemmed from the initial problem which Apple may fix for free or a different issue?

Regards if you can help me.


MacBook Core Duo