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Original post by: oldturkey03 ,


Anthony, there is no rice trick. It is absolute rubbish and does not work. stop the rice. Rubbing alcohol does not contain enough alcohol content. It has mostly 70% which leaves 30% to be desired. You do want to obtain 90% (or higher) isopropyl alcohol. "accidental drop into the pool." will require you to open your phone. Dabbing it with a cotton ball will not clean it properly. Use [[Topic:iPhone 6#guideList|these guides]] to disassemble your phone. Then clean every part with the alcohol and a soft brush. Of course you can also have an ultrasonic cleaner take care of that. Once it is properly cleaned,''' replace the battery''' and re-assemble. Then evaluate for any potential damage. Right now you will continue to have corrosion setting in. Every time you turn your phone on, sync it, or try to charge it, you are increasing the risk of shortcircuiting the logic board.