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Original post by: Ororon ,


Nothing on Screen except colored, horizontal lines


To my knowledge, my tablet hasn't been dropped in the last week. I had my tablet in it's case, in a bag. I haven't used in a week but it was still on after taking a picture with it. I go to turn it on and most of the background is white with all different colored lines on it. The top is black with one white line and many running lines shooting across the screen. It still vibrates for notifications and it made the chime noise when I turned it off and back on again.

Maybe it needs a reset? I cannot find out how to do it through a computer. I plugged it in my computer and can see the files.

I purchased this tablet almost 2 years ago, Summer of 2013. I paid 450 roughly and I am very upset this has happened. Any help will be greatly appreciated. If I can fix it myself I would rather, because if  take it to best buy they may only have a solution that costs lots of money.

Thank you so much!


Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0