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Replace 1T HD by a 4 T SSHD, lost Fan & SSD


From Switzerland ;)

Found initially this website of great help. Anyway I did this:

"switched the HDD of my 1Tb Fusion drive by a 4Tb SSHD Seagate (same brand, 7200 rpm)"

I did not forget to put any screw back and there was no sensor on the HDD. I followed IFixit instructions but since...

- had to install everything in the 4Tb

- fan is geting crazy

- the 128 SSD disappeared (even with a command line)

I know that I did everything right but by now I am lost. Where to look for? What am I looking for?

I guess that I should find my SSD first but please without opening the Imac again ;)

Thanks in advance for your help



iMac Intel 27" EMC 2429