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Original post by: Jamal Adam ,


mbrady, that is not correct. The glass is actually not entirely glued to the screen. it is simply glued along the perimeter only. The glass digitizer has a layer of clear plastic sheet in its outermost layer that is directly above the LCD screen. The trick is to gently poke the glass digitzer at the edges. As you do so, you will notice the glass digitizer creating an air space between it and the screen. If you are able to carefully tear in only one section, preferably the corner of the clear plastic sheet, then you can create a  handle, which you can pinch-hold to peel off the glass digitizer. Incidentally, if your glass digitizer is cracked in to umpteen glued fragmented, it actually makes it easy to peel off the rest of the glass digitizer cleanly.

This is an instruction prepped from experience, I did it exactly that way. Now if only HTC would have a clear opening for the glass digitizer interface cable so that i can insert it through to connect it to the logicboard.  The reset is cakewalk.

Good luck.