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Original post by: Christopher ,


Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for this information.

I replaced my ipad mini digitizer with success because of this.

Few issues that I ran into:

1. Incorrect Digitizer. I had the one without the IC and home button.

After getting the correct Screen

2. Powering on LCD gave dim screen. Could see stuff but no back light

- Disconnect & reconnect battery fixed this.

3. Power button sitting faulty. Depressing too deep

- Sticking the old rubber onto the new button helped

- Sticking down the Digitizer to the frame (above the button)... Was not stuck properly onto the frame.

4. Digitizer malfunction. Left, Right, or slow response

- Sticking on the tape from the old screen ribbons. (Button ribbon tapes - 2 pieces). and the very long piece which goes at the bottom of the screen / above the button ribbon ... this stopped the malfunction.

Thanks again people.