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None of this will work, there are no good enclosures out yet

Get a bootable flash drive with systemrescuecd, or ubuntu. With ubuntu you will have to install ddrescue, with systemrescuecd it comes with ddrescue. Worst case scenario you will have to install the package yourself on ubuntu if systemrescuecd won't boot. These are bootable operating systems that can run on a USB flash drive.

Then, connect an external drive of equal or larger size than your SSD. Boot into the linux flash drive.

run fdisk -l

You'll see /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc, /dev/sdd, etc.

One of these is your destroyed internal drive, one is the external drive you connected, one is the flash drive, etc.

figure out which is which using common sense, then do the following

ddrescue -f -d -r 1000 /dev/internalssdthatisdead /dev/externaldrivethatisgood logfile.log

obviously, put the right sd device after /dev, do not copy and paste that directly

it will rescue all the data. you can then use that drive with whatever data recovery software you like best. ddrescue clones your original drive while repairing as much as it can in the process of reading data off the destroyed internal drive, and is legally free software.