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Original post by: Don ,


Microphone stopped working when making calls, hands free works?


When I make a call on my LG G3 the person on the other end hears me either in a muffled voice or not at all, when I make a call on speaker phone the other person hears me perfectly. I have tested this by making calls to many different people with the same result each and every time, so it is microphone related. I spoke to Verizon and they agreed saying the the the regular phone microphone and the hands free microphone are 2 separate microphones. They offered to replace the phone under warranty, however that means I would be getting a re-built unit and will have lost the 40+ hours I have spent to customize my phone. When I stopped into a Verizon store they "blew out the microphone" just to certain there was not any dirt in it, any ideas on what I might do to correct the problem?

Thank you