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Original post by: Landon ,


There are 3 layers, an outer glass lens ($5) a digitizer (I bought both for $50) and an LCD.  If your phone fully responds the touch it isn't too hard to repair just the glass lens, however I wouldn't recommend attempting to remove both the digitizer and the glass from the LCD.

The glass is easily removed with a heat gun and very thin wire, however the digitizer is like egg shell, the glue holding it onto the LCD is extremely strong, the distance between the LCD and digitizer is tiny, and the polarizing film on the lcd is easily warped by heat.

This means that you cannot use wire to get under it, and your only hope is taking something like a razor blade and chipping away from underneath the digitizer for 5 hours until it's all gone, and then removing the cable that attaches to the frame on the inside.

After finding the digitizer hard to get under, I made the mistake of accidentally going one layer deeper, removing the polarizing filter and causing minor damage to the LCD itself. (pressure)

It can be done, but it is more practical to replace just the glass, or the entire LCD assembly.