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Original post by: Shine316 ,


1) About the oblong areas on the back of the wifi ribbon, a continuity meter shows that they are for grounding indeed. These spots can be glued down with "wire glue" (search on ebay) for $5.

2) About the end of the wifi ribbon, it definitely requires a different kind of adhesive. After much searching, I finally found someone (tomfgilks from Canada) selling the RIGHT kind of tape in small segments on EBay. The tape is 3M 9703 (you can search ebay, be sure to include "title & description" in search). I just ordered this and haven't received it yet. So I can't testify to it for sure. On the EBay page, this guy includes a link to 3M describing this tape, it's definitely the right kind. For anyone wanting to purchase an entire roll, you can get it @ []