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Just responding quick to say thank you very much for reaching out and giving some insight on what you think the problem is. I brought it to a repair tech and they seem to think the same thing as you, a motherboard issue. Everything went smooth on the install except for getting the original battery out. I think what might have happened was when I used a hair dryer to heat the battery's glue up because it was so difficult to get out it might have fried the phone. Keep in mind multiple websites said that was a common method for freeing up hard to get battery's, I should have second thought it though because honestly I don't think it did any good for the phone. Gonna just end up selling it for parts I think and get what I can for it. I also did not know when putting a battery in yourself it voids the out of warranty repair the apple offers. Just my luck huh so now I pretty much have to pay full price for a new phone because I don't have a upgrade through ATT until October. All in all its a $@$*!& expensive lesson learned and next time I'll just lay the extra and have apple replace the %#*@ battery lol. But thanks again for reaching out and trying to help!

Take it easy man.