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Original post by: Josh ,


Hi Blake, sorry about you luck with your phone, I would recommend taking it to a reliable professional shop so they can properly diagnose it. Make sure they are pros though, the issue your having sounds like a motherboard related issue.

It sounds like one of two things have happened.

1.) While replacing the battery you unknowingly cause damage the the motherboard either by damage a small component like a resistor, if you have a magnify glass look for damaged resistors. Or possibly ESD (Electrostatic discharge). If you took no precautions of these it could be one of those two. Yes it does help to clean the connectors with a qtip and 91% alcohol, the connectors and sensitive to the oil on you skin.

2. The part you installed was extremely defective and shorted a fuse,resistor or IC chip on your board due to over voltage, this does not happen often, but is not unheard of.

Either way this need attention from a Master Technician, any more efforts to repair it may just make things worse.

If your in the mood to make things worse, order a charge port and see if that fixes your issue. Its unlikely to fix it, but hey it not charging right. (sarcasm)

Good luck mate!

Cheers! Let us know what you find.