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Original post by: Rany ,


Hi Cara,

You could have a defective battery or a mistake during re-assembly during the first repair.

I would start with the following:

1- Follow [guide|21745|this guide] to remove the bracket that covers the screen connectors (step 9), and *IMPORTANT* examine the screws that are holding the bracket in place. Make sure the sizes were correctly placed last time. If one of the long screws (tagged as Orange or Yellow) was used in place of one of the shorter screws (tagged as Red, especially the one on the right-side), you could have damaged the phone during the previous repair. Let us know if you see this.

2- If the screws were correctly placed, breathe a sigh of relief and continue following the steps till 15 and 16. Remove the bracket holding the (battery connector) and the (charging-dock connector) to the board.

4- Unplug those 2 connectors, not just the battery connector like the guide says.

5- Use a magnifying glass to examine the 2 connectors on the board, and the small components around them to see if anything is partly broken off, completely missing, or broken or torn.

6- If all ok, gently re-seat the connectors and make sure they are properly seated.

7- Re-assemble your phone, *watch-out for the placement of the screws of step 9!! place them were indicated and don't over-tighten* then restart and test your phone.

If the issue persists, this time my bet would be that the battery you used the first time is defective. Try replacing again from a different supplier.

Let us know if the above helped, and what step in particular. Otherwise we can look for other causes..