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Original post by: Bojan Stojakovic ,


Hi all, I followed the instruction here on and I can tell you that you guys are doing an amazing job. After trying to replace he digitizer for the first time and rushed the LCD removal a little bit, resulted in a cracked LCD. I ordered another one and went through complete tear down here and finally my iPad is fixed.

But, when I tested a few apps like Paper by 53, Adobe Photoshop and Sketch I figured out that I'm not able to draw a single line on this digitizer. Digitizer would be irresponsive even in some games, where you have to "pick up" one object and slide it to the other part of the screen it just loses it. That's how I found out that my digitizer which came from Amazon is far from being an OEM part. Also the screen seems kind of yellowish compared to the original one and the home button fell in after the installation. Although I don't have any problems with the home button I'd replace this fake screen as soon as possible cause it's annoying.

I'm using my iPad mini Retina for drawing and sketching, since I'm working in graphic design, but now I can't find no use for it except for reading.

Please if you guys let me know where could I order an original quality digitizer..if that's even possible? I'd really appreciate it.