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Original post by: Sam Preston ,


Broken Catch

The catch is an internal piece that catches the plunger when you $!^& the gun and releases it when you pull the trigger; the resulting rush of air is what propels the dart. As a relatively small part, made of thin plastic, the catch is particularly prone to wearing out after heavy use. Once broken, it must be replaced for the gun to function normally again.

Loose Catch Spring

The catch spring is a small, but vital part of the catching mechanism. It gives some of the tension necessary for the catch to latch on to the plunger. Without it, the catch will not spring back into place after firing the gun. If the spring is simply out of place, putting it back into position will correct the problem. if the spring is stretched from heavy use, it may be necessary to replace the spring. Many online sources report that a pen spring may successfully replace the catch spring.

See the [guide|33929|Catch Spring Replacement Guide] for more details.