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How to Locate the Power Rating?

To find the right charger for Macbook ,there are three kinds of power rating Macbook power adapter in the market,45 watt, 60 watt, or 85 watt. It should be noted that higher wattage chargers can be used on the lower wattage laptops, but not vice versa.For example,If you have mac laptops that have used all three wattages. you could buy the 85w ones as my back up. Why? Because the 85w will work on any laptop, but the 45 and 60 will not. Further, the cost difference between the 45w, 60w and 85w is virtually nothing so you might as well “go big” and never worry if you have the right adapter for the right laptop.You can also find the Power Rating details on your orignal macbook charger and get the same Power Rating as your origanl macbook charger .

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