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Original post by: falko hoernicke ,


Although it has been mentioned here a million times I would like to add something: Have a 6 years old Pana Plasma. When it is cold it turns on no problem. Occasionally I accidentally turn it of and right back on. Here it starts to blink green for 3-4 seconds, clicks and ends up with the red flashing. Up until tonight that was no big deal. Turned the main power switch off, waited for a minuted, turned it back on, perfect. BUT NOT TONIGHT! Unplugged it, turned if of for 30+minutes. Nothing. I thought: Okay, another 2,000 down the drain for a new one.

But I followed these comments and unplugged it, unscrew the back, cleaned everything with a vacuum cleaner and a small brush (very carefully, there are a lot of tiny parts back there) und put it back together. Also I put the TV at the very front of my multiple socket outlet and it worked perfectly fine.

I assume some dust causes overheating or maybe even some sort of shortage (there was really a lot of fine dust) and maybe there were too many other things attached to the multiple socket outlet before the TV. IDK. Seems to work. Can put money in my IRA. Hahaha