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Original post by: Larry Fostano ,


I have read many a post on this subject, I would say to anyone trying to make this repair and have little to no experience on electronics or working on extremely small electrical connections would be to spend a few more dollars.if you purchase a new Digitizer for your phone because you smashed the screen purchase one as complete as possible,one that all you need to do is swap assembly and you should be ok.Else send it out and have a qualified technician do your repair for you.If you stop and think about it you have a pretty hefty investment sitting on your work bench,is it worth the bucks you save attempting to make your own repair? I have done  a few of these myself and if you have steady hands ,take your time ,be patient you will more than likely fix your phone.Don't pay attention to detail and procedure and you will put it together wrong cause more damage than you started with. These phones are very specific,for the most part the screws are so small and hard to put back in and in the correct order .In the case of the digitizer cover,4 screws,I believe only 2 are the same length while the other 2 are different lengths,put them in the wrong order and chance runing your phone.get help when you need it,be careful not to loose these screws or install them wrong,easy to do for sure.