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Original post by: Ned Bedinger ,


Good thinking going on here, it pretty much describes and explains my Air's strange demise:

My Air wouldn't charge, new charge unit cured that.  The day after buying the new charger, a glass of water was spilled on table next to the Air--the Air was sitting in a shallow puddle all around.  It then quit booting, charging, or doing anything useful.  Disassembled deep enough to find a little bit of water inside, along margin of the battery  at the thicker end--surface tension led it in from the bottom??  Anyway, I saw no sign of water in any ports or on keyboard after spill. I let it air dry, but no change, it is inert, not even an LED on the charge plug. I guess I've got a Macbook Wick. Stillplanning to pull files off the SSD, soon as I read up on getting to the SSD. Not counting on retrieving anything from the drive, just want to see if it really drowned in a puddle.