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Original post by: Ignacio Jefazo SeisSeisSeis ,


Hi all,

I know this guide is quite old, but still I would like to present you my issue and see what your opinions are.

I replaced a broken screen on a Xperia SP. The replacemen screen brought a double tape to fix the screen to the device. The screen works perfect while it is separated from the device, but when I place the screen in its position using the tape to finish the work, the screen is not working in the 100% of its surface. In the 20% top does not detect fingers unless you do high pressure.

It turned out that the issue is the distance between the screen and the device. I used the tape twice to avoid this, but when the phone, for example goes into a pocket, or it is being under pressure, the screen gets close enough to not work properly again.

Maybe the tape is not the proper one and there is needed some kind of material that avoids any radiation, or temperature.

Any hints?

Thank you very much