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Marcus, Thanks for the instructions on how to install a wifi cable on the 2nd Gen iPod. I am sure others will find this helpful.  I have since put my iPod back together again as I could not get an answer on how to attach the wifi cable and was concerned that my iPod would end up in worse shape sitting around as parts.

I still would like to know where to buy:

1. Double sided tape - I got some at a craft store and already it is coming loose between the touch screen and the frame - I think it can't handle temp above 90 degrees. So what is a good source?

2. Conductive tape like what is on the wifi cable in the URL I posted.

Is the tape that I asked about in the other URL going to work or can someone suggest a better source? - I just don't want to guess at what tape to use.

3. Will the conductive tape in 2 above also work for the grounding of the sleep/wake button ribbon cable on the 1st Gen iPod?