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Original post by: Erin Simonson ,


To save other customers from my frustrations and because customer service hasn't been able to figure this out so far i figured I'd share this information. The most common problem that I've researched and experienced with your tv's is that when they get unplugged, the wont turn on, just stay in standby. The only answers I've seen you people give online is that some part must have gone bad. A part was manufactured badly. I can not begin to explain why your tv's do this because I'm not a tv expert.  But the solution to this problem is ridiculously simple and if you would tell your customers, though they'll still be frustrated, they won't trash their tv and go get a different tv. When this situation happens, simply unplugging your tv for about five or six hours (preferably a night) the tv will then turn back on. Three times this has happened to me with the same tv. If you don't believe me, try it. Give your customers this information and i suggest you find the manufacturing error that causes this and fix it.