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Original post by: Alisa ,


car stalled as I was leaving parking lot will not restart


Ok so i have a 1993 Honda Civic DX with automatic limited slip transmission. So i was leaving parking lot car stalled and when i tried to restart Nothing. Had to get tow truck. took to my local auto shop. the stated that it was my ECM that mine was blown. And that it was not fuel pump or timing belt and that Cylinder one was showing no compression and that was flooded. So ordered a ECM online and replaced it. With no luck Auto shop then stated that it might be Distributor. So I towed my car home due to that it was obvious they had no clue what they were doing and i didnt have the time to wait so then i Replaced distributor and checked spark plugs and all fuses and starter. still no spark. What should i do now.


1992-1995 Honda Civic