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Original post by: krisfuqua ,


Ok so here is the thing, I have never touched that particular device. I have however encountered that issue on Xbox's and other what not. My guess is that the track system on the underside of the try has somehow been misaligned. The bad part is that there is no, shall we say, "safe way" to realign the tray. If it is built like the others the only way to get it out is to muscle it out and then slide it back in along the correct path. Not going to lie that thing looks just like an Xbox disk tray in it's construction. If it is similar the underside has a channel that guides it in and out. The piece that sits inside the channel somehow got out of it and is now bumping into another piece of plastic preventing it from opening the whole way.

Sorry I don't have a better suggestion. This is a do at your own risk kind of thing.