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Original post by: Asis ,


First of all thanks to this site where i could find many ways to try to give life to my nexus 7 after it got dead suddenly yesterday. I am using this tablet for nearly a year now n had auto-restart problems on using wi-fi once every 5 days or so in the last mont. But yesterday it didnt restart, got dead suddenly and no response on charging. Before that the battery was 89% or so. Frustrated i searched in google n found this site. I didnt had courage to open the back but tried 2-3 ways as mentioned here. First there was no response whatever i do. The on pressing on button, there was flickering. I got encouraged n then, tab still connected to charger, i long pressed volume down button. Thanks god, boot menu appeared and i selected start menu. Astonishingly it started and showed 1% battery and started charging. When i opened battery usage, there was 78% and then dotted lines to 0%. Anyways, thanks to all of u here. Feeling relaxed now. The charge is 2% now n fully functioning.