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Original post by: rajneeshnu ,


Check if your Laptop works in Safe Mode. If, yes then you have to replace NEC/TOKIN Proadlizer capacitor which is located at the  bottom of the processor. But without replacing the problem can be fixed by one of the following ways -

1. In SafeMode Go to control panel--> device manager---> go to processor----> disable one of the two processors --> reboot normally. If not working disable both processors.

2. You Change the Power Saver to High Performance in Windows 7 or 8.1 and the problem fixed. Click start at left bottom of your computer. In the search box type Power. Click Power Options. Change Balanced to High Performance by ticking it.

3. If the problem persists, disable one of the two CPU cores in the BIOS setup . To enter Bios Restart computer and before it boots ckick F2 continously. If it doesnt work , again restart the computer and try with F8 , F10, Delete,  F4 ,etc. You may have to initially disable one of the processor cores in BIOS to get the laptop to boot up past the Power-on self-test (POST).

4. Click Start. In the search box type 'services'. Click services. At the right hand side of the services box, click on power. Under the general category change ''Start up type' from Automatic to Disabled. Click apply -Ok. Restart your computer and the problem is fixed.

Dr Rajneesh