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Original post by: jessabethany ,


Hi Sergei,

This is classic pry damage from prying the battery on the logic board side, I see it every day.

I fix mail in iPhone 5 pry damage constantly, including International phones.  We can restore your home and power button function, guaranteed.

I'm worried about your searching no signal problem though.  Look very closely at the glass chip located on the edge of the board just under the SIM tray---if there is a slight crack or chip on this chip caused by a slipped screwdriver on the nearby screw hole, then this could be the source of your searching no signal--I've seen that twice.

First, however, rule out common causes of searching no signal like date/time problem.

I will post a link to my pry damage repair service so that you can inspect your phone to see if it matches the damage in the pictures.