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Original post by: Jack Moskovita ,


I just took mine off and put it away. I haven't had a water problem with cell phones ever and I've owned cell phones for over 12 years now.

So, since I'm not around water much and I'm not one who using the phone in the bathroom, and the fact that I've never gotten a cell phone wet in 12 years, I don't really need the waterproof feature, so I took the charging cover off.

With the battery cover off, you will see 2 Phillips screws on the bottom. the screw on the left is the access port to replace the port cover. You will have to pull the cover a bit as there is a lip that keeps it from sliding out easily... I imagine so you don't lose it.

My post on how I did this with pics is here:

[|Taking off the Micro-B USB 3.0 / charging cover.]