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Original post by: Ed Sailor ,


Under water 30 seconds - turns on but screen is not responding


My Moto X was submerged in 1 foot of water for about 30 seconds.  Within 2 minutes I had the case opened and cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol and used a blow dryer.  I waited a few hours and it would not turn on.  I put it in a bag of rice, with opened case.

24 hours later I dropped it off with a "repair" shop and they said there was corrosion and the mobo was short circuited.  I think the repair shop may be mistaken because when I brought my Moto X paper weight home I plugged it in to the charger and it turned on.  Well, it showed the Motorola Earth and then went to "94% charged" picture.  That is all it did.  So, I turned it off and then on.  It turned all the way on!!!  My sim card is not in it and the screen is non-responsive when touching the screen.  I'm tempted to put my sim card in it.  I connected the Moto X to my computer and I am copying all the files off of the Moto X to my computer now.  It does not sound like the mobo is blown.  Idea's?


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