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Original post by: Giuseppe ,


Listen guys, not very model is the same.

I have unboxed mine took everything off and I cannot see the battery because they screwed the aluminum plate via the other side.

Just do not take the risk if you do not know if its 120-240v compatible.

I'd recommend all of you guys to buy it at your local country, and if its not available just wait for a couple weeks.

I bought mine in America thinking it would be cheap. Now I have to get an 300 watts converter because the 85 watts converter blew up. A 300 watts converter will cost me €50,-

'''So thats:


Playstation 4 - 1 Dualshock

Watch Dogs

Battlefield 4

Playstation Plus+ Network (3 Months)

Total: €385,-


Converter 85 Watts - €25,-

New converter 300 Watts - €50,-

Total: €75,-



€75,-     +




With that money I could buy one in here and have no problems at all.

I have a chance that my Playstation 4 will not last that long and because I opened the !@#$ up I dont have any warranty.