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Original post by: stutta ,


In case anyone is still interested in this thread...

I stripped a tiny screw 2 years ago trying to take the back off my Lenovo S205 Ideapad and only just today did I finally manage to get the thing out.

What worked for me was finding a piece of dowel, in my case from a piece of Ikea furniture, with a diameter approximately the same or slightly less than the screw head, cutting it to about an inch long, then drilling a hole in the end of the dowel, putting a glob of epoxy resin in and screwing a short wood screw in there.

I used the same epoxy to glue the dowel to the stripped screw and left it, under light pressure, for just over 24 hours. Tried to unscrew it but the epoxy popped out of the stripped screw head. This was annoying, but it meant that there was now a cast of the stripped head on the end of my dowel. I then superglued this into the stripped head, left it under pressure for 48 hours, and today I was FINALLY able to get that screw out!

I was really happy that this worked because I really, really didn't want to take a drill to my laptop. Only thing to watch out for is that the glue you use doesn't get squeezed out the sides of the dowel and end up gluing your 'lever' to the laptop itself. A tiny bit of superglue was enough in my case.