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Original post by: Cody


Screen is displaying vertical lines of various color after drop.


I'm fixing a family members Galaxy S4 after it has been dropped. The screen is left un-cracked and is displaying colors in vertical lines.

The touch screen still seems responsive as it's making noise when I swipe to unlock the phone.

I've been told that it was dropped in a small puddle but the water damage indicators on both the phone and battery seem ok so I'm not sure if any water got into the device.

I have a drop box link with video of what the phone is doing here:

Turning off the phone or taking out the battery didn't seem to have any affect. When booting up the distortions split the screen in two and flash different patterns on each side. When messages are sent the screen will turn on and continue these distortions until the screen turns off.

I'm pretty sure the screen connection popped loose but I thought I would ask for more opinions before I start taking it apart.

I've replaced PSP screens before and a laptop screen or two so with the proper guides I'm sure I'll be able to figure out how to disassemble and resemble the phone if the problem is just a loose connection.

If you require further information or tests please let me know. Thank you in advance for your input.


Samsung Galaxy S4