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Original post by: Mark Mata ,


Oh i forgot to post the fix to this issue.

I was so happy when i found an answer. There was this forum with somewhere near 80 pages of answers and comments. In the middle of it was a solution to repair a small micro fuse located just below the cable that goes from the main board to the digitizer board. If you notice carefully it can get burnt.

This happens when the unit is not powered down and the digitizer is detached or disconnected. I could not power mine down so i thought because the digitizer was unresponsive to touch. But what i did not know is there is a shutoff switch near the power button. its a slide switch.

So once i figured out what the issue was i ran a super fine wire from one side of the micro fuse to the other and soldered it in. It was tough but it worked!!! like a champ.

Hope this helps any with this issue. I spent a lot of time and money when it was just simple fix.