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Original post by: Kevin Hulett ,


There's a daughter board that comes off the main board.  Check the Vostro 3560 OM, [,d.b2k|here.]  You can see it on Pg. 37.  If it does not have the mSATA slot underneath it (opposite of the WLAN card), then you'll need Dell P/N 82PYC.  (here's a cheat I know of.  If you look in the OM on PG. 23, the last illustration on the page, if you take the bottom cover off the laptop, directly underneath the battery latch, there's a small window in the plastic.  If you look in it, you can see the edge of the mSATA socket.  If you don't see the socket, you won't have hte correct daughter board, and will need the Dell P/N listed above to add mSATA.