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Original post by: barlowdo ,


I pulled the unit apart after purchasing a wifi cable online.

But it looks like I can not use the wifi cable I bought because one end of the cable looks like it needs very expensive surface mounting equipment to attach the ribbon to the iPod mother board.

Also the new ribbon cable did not come with any stick down tape.

The existing cable has come loose on one section. I flipped it over far enough so that I could see that Apple has used a copper impregnated tape to stick the copper land on the bottom of the wifi cable to the metal back case of the iPod.

This copper impregnated tape has lost its capability to stick.

I think that lack of conductivity to the back plane "ground Plane" is causing the loss in my wifi signal.

Is this electrically conductive tape available from this site? Or does someone know where I can buy some in small quantities?

And is this tape similar to what I need?

The word shielding throws me as I am not sure if that is what the Apple tape is doing or not.

Marcus, I scanned a pic of my ribbon cable in the iPod and will upload it when I can come up with card reader to read the scanned image.