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Original post by: sara kruse ,


Ah! Thank you so much! I too was having problems with my power button to where it wouldn't work and I had to plug my charger in to even get into my phone. I couldn't figure out how to restart it since the power button is obviously how I shut it off/turn it on and I did exactly what you said to do and voila...IT WORKS NOW! Saved me a trip to the Verizon store especially because I know they would've just told me I had to buy another one since my contract isn't up. & because my dad accidently deleted my insurance off when he was updating the minutes on our phones since we never came close to them. You think it would be covered through verizon and they would replace the phone since it would be a mal function that isn't due to me causing the issue. Yeah right. They just want you're moneyyyy! thanks again though! Glad I'm not the only one experiencing this so that I knew how to resolve it...for now at least! Lol