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Original post by: Raymond MacDonald ,


All of you guys are right, you can have water going to the ice maker and continue to make ice while you dispenser will not give water because of a frozen water line. The only problem is that the person with the complaint about the fridge also reported water leaking in the fridge. I have seen this issue before while fixing the same exact issue in customers houses. What happens is if you are getting freezing in the water tank and thawing and freezing again the water tank in the back of the fridge will get a crack and start to leak.  This will cause both issues, you will start to see leaking in the fridge and you will not have water making it to the water dispenser. I have seen this issue when people have replaced the water filters, probably finally cracks the tank when there is the rush of pressure from the new filter. I would check you water tank if I was you, you most likely see a huge crack or anything like that.  The crack will be small and will probably be in the seem or in a corner.