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Actually as a follow up to this, I had replaced the purchased flex cable with the original and used a pin to clean out the charge port. Guess what? It magically worked. I am 100% convinced and I can even prove and replicate the problem, because it is due to plugging into devices that are not official Apple products. Such as: the USB connecter in my Honda Civic 2010 and my TEAC speaker system with iPod/iPhone dock. Upon connecting to the device, it somehow shorts out the charge port, specifically the pin (of the 29-32 pins) in the connector that enables synchronization. As a matter of fact, one of the pins in the old charge port even broke off but everything still works, including sound playing from the speakers, headphones, syncing, etc. I could even plug it back into my car or speaker system if I was crazy enough to try it again, but I am content with it working for now. I'd recommend anyone else with this problem following in my footsteps to try cleaning out with a very thin pin or replace it.

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If replacing doesn't work as it didn't for me at first, Anton may be right so I would buy from a place that will accept returns/replacements. I would replace it immediately upon receiving so you don't waste your return period and keep replacing. A good idea may be to even buy an old iphone off ebay that is guaranteed to sync but perhaps has other issues like a broken screen or camera. This way you know you are getting an original iPhone flex cable manufactured by apple. You may also need to purchase a full set of screws for your iPhone as I have come close to stripping some screws as a result of taking apart the iPhone so many times. It is hard to believe that after all the hard work, it only took a small sewing pin to pull out the broken connector pin that had blocked my connector port, along with other debris. I hope this helps many people because I know many people on the net have had this issue. Too bad Apple no longer helps their customers.