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Original post by: mark ,


So i have replaced the digitizer board ribbon that connects to the main board. I found that two of the contact points were bent up and peeled back or tweaked. SO i replaced that.

So for all who are taking notes.

broken lcd problem, replaced lcd while replacing cracked digitizer. Touch started working spotty if not at all.

replaced digitizer, touch not working at all. checked and rechecked ribbons.

Replaced main digitizer - main board ribbon. no touch. rechecked all connections.

next step.... replace digitizer board? I guess its at this point. The only thing i can figure is the bent/tweaked connections on the main ribbon shorted the board?

One question i have and cant remember is could the lcd be the wrong version? I know the digitzers make a difference. And i have the exact match of digitizer. But i did not know of other versions of LCds. I have not heard that there is other versions just I wonder if there is and that is why the touch is not working.

On you tube there is a video of a factory repair where the factory sent it back to the owner saying they could not find out the problem. And it has a no touch problem also. I hope that is not the case or else im buying a new tablet for someone.