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4/15/14- Hey everyone, I want to tell you I just fixed my screen. Early 2009 2 Ghz core Duo macbook, I had the same problem many people are having. It started probably a year ago. all of a sudden my screen would only light up if I tilted the screen at certain angles. I left it this way for a year and it kept on getting worse and worse where the screen kind of lit up at random. It progressively got worse with the screen lighting up less and less. Finally this past weekend the screen went dark for good. No amount of adjustment or tilting the screen worked. I started searching for solutions online. I came across this forum and other forums. I decided since I am broke I was going to start with the easiest solution first which on another forum was to unplug the inverter board from the connections at each end and then reattaching them and making sure they were seated right. I did that, and lo and behold it worked! Screen works beautifully now and lights up right away. I would have replaced the inverter cable or inverter board if needed. I am not a techie, it was a little intimidating but I had comfort that I had you tube and various forums to fall back on if I go stuck. overall it was a relatively easy fix.