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Original post by: P C ,


Bottom RAM module disappears after moving computer?


I've had two (Crucial) 4GB memory modules in this system since it was new (2008) and never had a problem with them. Now, however, every time I put the computer to sleep and take it to work in my bag, it wakes up to the boot screen.

If I look at the System Information, it will report a different amount of RAM each time (one or two sticks worth). I tried swapping the sticks and using only one stick in alternating slots and it seems that the bottom slot (toward the main board) is loose or otherwise losing connection to the RAM module.

If I leave the bottom slot empty, the system works flawlessly, but I really need all 8GB for my work. Does anyone know a fix for this problem that doesn't involving replacing the main board?


MacBook Unibody Model A1278